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Tool Changers: QC-40Q  
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Product Advantages
  • Twice the strength of the QC-20.
  • No-Touch locking technology allows up to 0.12 inch (3.0 mm) plate separation when locking.
  • Patented Fail-Safe locking mechanism design results in low force acting on the piston.
  • Large piston diameter and outward ball travel increase moment capacity.
  • All locking parts made of Rc58 stainless steel.
  • Long-life bushings for pneumatic pass-through.
  • (8) connections for passing air or vacuum through the Tool Changer.
  • (2) connections are available to supply pneumatic pressure for coupling and uncoupling the Tool Changer.
  • Internal proximity sensors are designed into the body of the Master plate to verify the lock/unlock position of the piston and cam. Sensors provide the lock and unlock (L/U) signals through the sensor cables provided.
  • (2) Flats available for mounting of J16 pattern modules for support of various utility pass-through, such as signal, fluid/air, and power. Other modules may be mounted with adapter plates.
QC-40Q Master and QC-40 Tool
QC-40Q Master and QC-40 Tool

SpecificationsDrawingsManualsCompatible ModulesTool Stand Options3D CAD Models
Suggested Payload Limit: 110 lb
Locking Force @ 80 psi (5.5 bar): 1300 lb
Static Moment Capacity (X & Y): 2000 lbf-in
Static Moment Capacity (Z): 2000 lbf-in
Positional Repeatability - (X, Y, & Z): 0.0006 in
Weight - when coupled: 4.05 lb
Master Weight: 2.75 lb
Tool Weight: 1.3 lb
Maximum distance between Master & Tool plate before locking at 87 psi (6 bar): 0.12 in
Pneumatic Pass-through Ports (qty) Size: (8) 1/8 NPT

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