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Force/Torque Sensors
Sensing ranges listed below are the maximum along the axis, other calibrated ranges are available.

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ModelRated Fx,FyRated FzRated Tx,TyWeight*Diameter*Height*
Axia80-M8 ±150 N±470 N±8 Nm0.28 kg82 mm25.4 mm
Axia80-M20 ±500 N±900 N±20 Nm0.3 kg82 mm25.4 mm
Nano17 Titanium ±32 N±56.4 N±200 Nmm0.0101 kg17 mm14.5 mm
Nano17 ±50 N±70 N±500 Nmm0.00907 kg17 mm14.5 mm
Nano17 IP65/IP68 ±50 N±70 N±500 Nmm0.0408 kg20.1 mm22.2 mm
Nano25 ±250 N±1000 N±6 Nm0.0634 kg25 mm21.6 mm
Nano25 IP65/IP68 ±250 N±1000 N±6 Nm0.136 kg28 mm27.5 mm
Nano43 ±36 N±36 N±500 Nmm0.0387 kg43 mm11.5 mm
Mini27 Titanium ±80 N±160 N±4 Nm0.0334 kg27 mm18.2 mm
Mini40 ±80 N±240 N±4 Nm0.0499 kg40 mm12.2 mm
Mini40 IP65/IP68 ±80 N±240 N±4 Nm0.272 kg53.3 mm21.1 mm
Mini45 Titanium ±240 N±480 N±12 Nm0.0998 kg45 mm17.5 mm
Mini45 ±580 N±1160 N±20 Nm0.0917 kg45 mm15.7 mm
Mini45 IP65/IP68 ±580 N±1160 N±20 Nm0.391 kg57.9 mm25.1 mm
Mini58 ±2800 N±6800 N±120 Nm0.345 kg58 mm30 mm
Mini58 IP60 ±2800 N±6800 N±120 Nm0.522 kg82 mm36.2 mm
Mini58 IP65/IP68 ±2800 N±6800 N±120 Nm0.804 kg65.4 mm37.6 mm
Mini85 ±1900 N±3800 N±80 Nm0.635 kg85.1 mm29.8 mm
Gamma ±130 N±400 N±10 Nm0.255 kg75.4 mm33.3 mm
Gamma IP60 ±130 N±400 N±10 Nm0.467 kg99.1 mm39.6 mm
Gamma IP65 ±130 N±400 N±10 Nm1.09 kg111 mm52.3 mm
Gamma IP68 ±130 N±400 N±10 Nm1.98 kg111 mm52.3 mm
Delta ±660 N±1980 N±60 Nm0.913 kg94.5 mm33.3 mm
Delta IP60 ±660 N±1980 N±60 Nm1.81 kg117 mm47.1 mm
Delta IP65 ±660 N±1980 N±60 Nm1.77 kg126 mm52.2 mm
Delta IP68 ±660 N±1980 N±60 Nm2.63 kg102 mm52.2 mm
Theta ±2500 N±6250 N±400 Nm4.99 kg155 mm61.1 mm
Theta IP60 ±2500 N±6250 N±400 Nm8.62 kg194 mm74 mm
Theta IP65/IP68 ±2500 N±6250 N±400 Nm9 kg163 mm74.8 mm
Omega85 ±1900 N±3800 N±80 Nm0.658 kg85.1 mm33.4 mm
Omega85 IP65/IP68 ±1900 N±3800 N±80 Nm1.91 kg92.7 mm38.7 mm
Omega160 ±2500 N±6250 N±400 Nm2.72 kg157 mm55.9 mm
Omega160 IP60 ±2500 N±6250 N±400 Nm7.67 kg194 mm57.7 mm
Omega160 IP65/IP68 ±2500 N±6250 N±400 Nm7.26 kg165 mm65.9 mm
Omega191 ±7200 N±18000 N±1400 Nm9.41 kg190 mm64 mm
Omega191 IP60 ±7200 N±18000 N±1400 Nm14.1 kg238 mm73.7 mm
Omega191 IP65/IP68 ±7200 N±18000 N±1400 Nm13.2 kg204 mm74.8 mm
Omega250 IP60 ±16000 N±32000 N±2000 Nm31.8 kg295 mm94.9 mm
Omega250 IP65/IP68 ±16000 N±32000 N±2000 Nm31.8 kg295 mm94.9 mm
Omega331 ±40 kN±88 kN±6 kNm47 kg330 mm107 mm

*Specifications include standard interface plates

Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings:  
  • IP60 - Ingress Protection Rating "60" designates protection against dust
  • IP65 - Ingress Protection Rating "65"  designates protection against water spray
  • IP68 - Ingress Protection Rating "68" designates submergibility in fresh water, to a depth of 4 or 10 meters (see individual model pages for depth specifications).

Customized F/T Transducers

Previous Product Versions:

Delta (OLP) , Delta IP60 (OLP) , Delta IP65/IP68 (OLP) , Omega190

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