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Customized F/T Transducers  
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ATI can provide Customized F/T Transducers designed specially for your application. Below are a few examples that illustrate our capabilities. For more information, please contact ATI Sales using the link below.

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Radiation-Tolerant Sensors

In collaboration with the customer, ATI developed Delta and Theta transducer models that feature a radiation hardness better than 10kGy. The DeltaRad and ThetaRad transducers are compatible with ATI's DAQ product line and include a 13mm through hole.

Delta Standard Specifications
Theta Standard Specifications

Custom Interface Plates to Fit Limited Space

When integrating a transducer into an existing application, the customer was limited by stack height. The space was too small to accommodate a standard transducer and interface plates. ATI designed special tool and mounting adapter plates with interface patterns corresponding to customer's existing tooling and robot.

Mini85 Standard Specifications


Large Transducer with Through Hole and IP68 Protection

A customer needed to pass tooling through the center of the transducer that was used in a location where water could get into the transducer. ATI placed a 54mm sealed through hole in an Omega191 transducer and provided external electronics. The unit is sealed against water intrusion at an immersion depths up to 10m.

Omega191 IP65/IP68 Standard Specifications


Customer-Specified Components and Materials

ATI designed a transducer to meet this customer’s unusual requirements. ATI equipped the transducer with a special temperature sensor and other components, used a special electrical connector, and made custom mounting plates.

Mini85 Standard Specifications

Mini45-ZC6 and ZC6-A cable

Vacuum Chamber Application

The customer required a transducer that could be used in a vacuum chamber evacuated to 0.003 Torr. ATI developed a transducer compatible with the vacuum chamber and a method to connect the transducer to the equipment external to the vacuum chamber.

Mini45 Standard Specifications


Large Through Hole and Special Cabling

The customer required an IP65 rated transducer with a large through hole, custom connector block, and a special interface cable. ATI developed a method to seal the transducer’s through hole and customized the connector block to fit the application, and integrated the special cable.

Omega191 IP65/IP68 Standard Specifications


Large Transducer with Through Hole

A customer needed to pass tooling through the center of the transducer. ATI placed a 55mm through hole in an Omega190 transducer and provided external electronics.

Omega190 Standard Specifications


Mineral Oil Bath Immersion

This custom design allowed a Nano17 to be submerged in a bath of white mineral oil. ATI performed compatibility tests to ensure transducer reliability and developed a new form of cabling that could withstand immersion in the oil bath.

Nano17 Standard Specifications


Customer-Specified Connector

The customer required multiple transducers, each with a custom connector and an unique wiring harness. ATI modified Mini40 transducers and created the wiring harnesses to meet their needs.

Mini40 Standard Specifications


Alternate Cable Exit

The customer’s application required a unique cable exit location. ATI modified a Mini40 transducer by offsetting the axial cable exit.

Mini40 Standard Specifications


Additional Reference Signals

The customer had an application that required additional reference signals for each strain gage. ATI developed internal electrical hardware to output the customer’s required signals.

Mini45 Standard Specifications


Strain Relieved Right-Angled Cable Exit

For reasons of available space, the customer needed a transducer with a special cable exit. ATI created a transducer with a right-angled cable exit that incorporated a molded cable strain relief. Subsequently other F/T models are also available with a right-angled cable exit to meet these needs.

Mini45 Standard Specifications

Large Transducer with Through Hole and Customized Electronics

A customer required tooling to be passed through the center of the DAQ transducer with onboard electronics. ATI designed an Omega160 transducer with a 53mm through hole and customized DAQ electronics to accommodate this request

Omega160 Standard Specifications

Transducer with High-Strength Mounting Features

The customer required a more robust mounting plate compatible with aviation-grade fasteners. ATI developed a new plate made of high-strength steel and customized 3B-class threads to meet the customer’s exacting requirements.

Mini85 Standard Specifications


Large Through Hole and Customer-Specified Connector

The customer required a transducer with a large through hole and a custom connector. ATI modified an Omega190 transducer to provide a 63mm through hole, integrated custom connector, and provided external electronics.

Omega191 Standard Specifications

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