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Ferramentas Robóticas de Rebarbação  
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Notícias de Rebarbação:

ATI's Compliant Deburring Blade is now a UR+ Certified Solution
The CDB also includes an option for Automatic Blade Changing.

Air-actuated compliance overcomes part variation.

Historically, deburring and material removal processes deploy manual techniques. This is largely due to the limited availability of deburring tools suited for automation. Conventional automated deburring tools exist and perform adequately along a straight line or path, but fail when part tolerances or geometries are not exact. Removing material from a part cavity or protrusion using a robot or other automated process challenges the most skilled of programmers and often leads to inconsistent quality. The Engineers at ATI have developed a family of compliant deburring tools that make automated deburring processes safe, reliable, and affordable. Pneumatic compliance built into these tools exerts a constant force and compensates for displacement. This ensures consistent results and facilitates easy programming.

What is a Material Removal Tool?
A material removal tool is an end-effector used to remove material from a part. ATI's Material Removal Tools feature integrated compliance and excel in material removal tasks such as deburring, deflashing, edge-breaking, surface finishing, and more. These end-effectors attach to a robot wrist for process-to-part operations, or mount to a bench or fixture for part-to-process setups. ATI's Material Removal Tools utilize either pneumatic- or electrical-powered motors and offer flexibility with various speed options and compliance ranges.

Compliant Deburring Blade

The Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB) features a robust interface to attach blades and media commonly found in hand deburring tools. Optional Automatic Blade Changing enables hands-free changeover of cutting media. The CDB suits a variety of robotic and non-robotic operations on a wide assortment of materials such as plastic, brass, aluminum, steel, and more.  

Radially-Compliant Tools

Our Radially-Compliant Material Removal Tools use robust pneumatic or electric motors for deburring a variety of materials with a robot. These tools are especially well-suited for removal of parting lines or flash from parts. The variety of designs allows them to be used in a multitude of applications like chamfering, finishing, and deburring.  

Axially-Compliant Finishing Tools

ATI’s Axially-Compliant Finishing Tools are robust, high-torque, air tools featuring axially-floating motion ideal for sanding and finishing. This design enables a light touch on the work piece and suits a variety of robotic and non-robotic applications on aluminum, composites, wood, steel, and other materials.  

Axially-Compliant Deburring Tools

Also known as the Speedeburr, these deburring tools utilize a vane-type motor and a floating rotary cutting file for edge-deburring and chamfering of parts using a robot.

Force Control Devices

ATI’s Force Control Devices are standalone units used to integrate compliance into a process. Force control devices provide an open platform for users to incorporate highly customized compliant force control into automated material removal applications.

ATI Deburring Application Sheet

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