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Ferramentas de Acabamento AC - VersaFinish  
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Axially-Compliant Finishing Tools from ATI are compatible with a wide array of commercial media and offer users flexibility to accommodate a diverse assortment of materials and applications. Each model features a robust, high-torque, air motor and is differentiated by the style of media with which they are used.

The Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander can be used with standard hook-and-loop backup pads and media discs of 5- or 6-inch diameter. The vacuum-ready configuration allows users to manage dust and debris.  

The Axially-Compliant Finishing Tool features a 3/8” chuck that accepts customer-supplied media such as abrasive brushes, wire brushes, sanding discs, polishing points and more. By including an optional spindle position sensor, users can validate their process.  

How it works:
While the motor is engaged, the customer's media is pushed against the work piece using an adjustable air supply to control the contact force. This constant pneumatic force allows the tool to respond axially to variance in part profile. The force control system provides very high stiffness in the path direction while allowing low to high force adjustability to the user in the compliant direction. The floating head design of the tools reacts quickly to any variances in part position or robot path. As a result, robot programming time can be reduced by up to 75%.  

Recursos e Benefícios

  • Motor de turbina confiável:
    Robust, vane-type, air motors with gear reduction designed with rugged components provide long service with exceptional power.

  • Conformidade axial flutuante:
    Remotely-adjusted air pressure controls and maintains the constant axial force on the floating spindle. This provides constant contact force with the work piece, and compensates for tool wear and deviations in the part profile along the robot path.

  • Desempenho de torque elevado:
    Vane motors increase torque in response to loads applied during finishing processes.

  • Opções de montagem:
    Mounting options are easily customizable for robotic, bench, or fixture mounting.

  • Compatible with Industry Standard Media:
    These products accommodate many types of industry standard media.

Axially Compliant Finishing Tools
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ModelWeightCompensationCompliance Force *Idle Speed
AOV-105,65 lb0,5 in max. axial, ±0,2 in recommended 10000 rpm
ACT-3907,25 lb0,59 in max. axial, ±0,3 in recommended3,2 lb - 17 lb5600 rpm
* Pneumatically Variable

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