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F/T Sensor: Omega191 IP65/IP68  
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Product Advantages
  • Extremely-High Strength: IP65 rated for protection against water spray. IP68 (10m) rated for submersion in fresh water to a depth of 10 meters. EDM wire-cut from high yield-strength stainless steel. Maximum allowable overload values are 4.8 to 19.9 times rated capacities.
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Silicon strain gages provide a signal 75 times stronger than conventional foil gages. This signal is amplified, resulting in near-zero noise distortion.
  • IP60 Version Available: An IP60 version is for use in dusty environments.

Note(s): IP68 sensors exhibit a decrease in Fz range related to submersion depth. See IP68 F/T Transducer Details in the Manuals tab under Addendums for detailed descriptions or contact your account representative.
Typical Applications
  • Wet applications
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Part placement and removal in precision fixtures
  • Material removal, grinding, and polishing
Water Splash-Proof Omega191 Transducer
Water Splash-Proof Omega191 Transducer

Ranges and ResolutionsSpecificationsDrawingsDocuments3D CAD Models

Select a system type.  (For more information on system types, please see our F/T Product Description page.)

Standard Calibrations (US)

US-400-3000400 lbf1000 lbf3000 lbf-in3000 lbf-in5/64 lbf5/32 lbf15/32 lbf-in5/16 lbf-in
US-800-6000800 lbf2000 lbf6000 lbf-in6000 lbf-in5/32 lbf5/16 lbf15/16 lbf-in5/8 lbf-in
US-1600-120001600 lbf4000 lbf12000 lbf-in12000 lbf-in5/16 lbf5/8 lbf1 7/8 lbf-in1 1/4 lbf-in

 View Standard (US) Complex Loading Graph

Metric Calibrations (SI)

SI-1800-3501800 N4500 N350 Nm350 Nm3/8 N3/4 N5/96 Nm5/144 Nm
SI-3600-7003600 N9000 N700 Nm700 Nm3/4 N1 1/2 N5/48 Nm5/72 Nm
SI-7200-14007200 N18000 N1400 Nm1400 Nm1 1/2 N3 N5/24 Nm5/36 Nm

 View Metric (SI) Complex Loading Graph

  *The resolution is typical for most applications and can be improved with filtering.
 **Resolutions quoted are the effective resolution after dropping four counts of noise.
***Applied loads must be within range in each of the six axes for the F/T sensor to measure correctly.

ATI's F/T calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ATI certifies sensors are calibrated in accordance with
 applicable ATI procedures. These procedures are compliant with the ISO 9001 standard to ensure that products are within ATI specifications.

Contact your sales representative for accuracy information.

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