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Radially Compliant Deburring Model RC-660  
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Attention: An upgraded version of this item is available.

Current Product Benefits Interchangeable
RC-660-ER The RC-660-ER uses the ER-11 collet system. The ER-11 collet system provides better support to the cutting tool which is important in demanding applications. The ER-11 collets are also available in a greater number of sizes from vendors around the world. Worldwide availability of the ER-11 system allows a customer to buy different collets, collet nuts, and nut wrenches quickly and inexpensively from local industrial suppliers. Yes

Product Advantages
  • Ideally suited for removal of parting lines and flash on parts.
  • Turbine motor with clean air (no oil) requires less air and can be vented to atmosphere.
  • Unit also deburrs edges, significantly reduces cycle time.
  • Built-in compliance reduces robot programming.
  • Cutting force adjustable on-the-fly.
  • Mounts to robot arm on rear or side of deburring unit.
  • Utilizes standard tungsten-carbide industrial bits.
  • Minimal chattering and vibration.
  • Great replacement for hand deburring operations.
RC-660 Deburring Tool
RC-660 Deburring Tool

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Weight (without mounts) 4,9 lb
Compliance Travel @ Collet 0,35 in
Compliance Travel Recommended 0,18 in
Compliance Force (Pneumatically Variable) 2,8 lbf - 9,5 lbf
Idle Speed 40000 rpm
Air Consumption 20 CFM - 38 CFM
Air Connections (Spindle) 1/2" Tube
Air Connections (Compliance) 5/32" Tube
Collet 1/4" standard (others available)
Power 660 W @ 40000 rpm
Mounting Feature Side and Rear Patterns

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