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Axially Compliant Finishing Tool Model ACT-390  
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Product Advantages
  • Also known as the VersaFinish, these finishing tools are robust, low-speed, high-torque air tools with an axially floating spindle, suitable for a multitude of robotic and non-robotic material finishing operations on aluminum, plastic, steel, etc.
  • Robust vane-type air motor with gear reduction designed with rugged components. A lubrication-free version is also available (see Note below).
  • High-torque performance.
  • Floating axial compliance.
  • The axial motion allows fast and simple programming of the robot.
  • Optional sensors: All units are supplied with a Forward (-F) sensor to detect when the media is in contact with the work piece. Other options are available: -R = Retract Sensor (spindle pushed fully back).
  • Note: Lubrication is not required on lube-free motors, however, adding lubricant extends the life of lube-free motors.
ACT-390 with Nylon Brush (not included)
ACT-390 with Nylon Brush (not included)

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Weight Total (without adapter) 7,25 lb
Compensation (Axial) 0,59 in max. axial, ±0,3 in recommended
Compliance Force 3,2 lb - 17 lb
Supply Pressure 5 psi - 60 psi
Motor Air Motor, vane type
Idle Speed 5600 rpm
Working Speed 2600 rpm
Power 390 W at 2600 rpm
Torque (max. power) 1 ft-lb
Torque (starting/stall) 2 ft-lb
Spindle Air Pressure 90 psi maximum
Air Consumption 19 CFM
Chuck Size 0,38 in Jacobs® Chuck (specials upon request)
Required Lubricated Air - Oil Type ISO VG32 Class 1 Turbine Oil, or equivalent air tool oil *
Required Lubricated Air - Oil Delivery Rate 1 drop per minute by oil fog system *

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