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Compliance Device Model
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Product Advantages
  • Universal Compliance: Patented mechanism provides simultaneous X-Y lateral, X-Y-Z rotation and Z-compression compliance, allowing the robot to overcome severe misalignment between the tool and workpiece.
  • Pneumatic Reset: While springs provide a minimum pre-load, a pneumatically-actuated piston returns the unit to a repeatable center position.
  • Adjustable Stiffness: By varying pneumatic pressure to the reset piston, compliance stiffness can be tuned for each application or payload.
  • Integrated Sensing: An optional compliance sensor monitors the internal piston proximity.
  • ISO Mounting Pattern: For direct attachment to many robots without requiring adapters.
  • Flexible Configurations: Options include a PNP or NPN compliance sensor, a rubber boot for environment protection, and custom tool plate bolt patterns.
Universal Compliance Compensator
Universal Compliance Compensator

SpecificationsPerformanceDrawingsManuals3D CAD Models

Max Payload 11 lb
X-Y Lateral 0.11 in
X-Y Axis Rotation * ±3°
Z Rotation ±8°
Z Compression 0.24 in
Max Static Moment X-Y 20 lbf-in
Max Static Moment Z 10 lbf-in
Break-Away & Compliance Stiffness See Performance Charts
Spring Force Min/Max 8 lbf / 21 lbf
Weight 1.4 lb
Nominal Operating Pressure 80 psi
Operating Pressure Range 60 psi - 100 psi
Max Pressure for Compliance Stiffness Tuning ** 30 psi
Ambient Temperature Range -20 °F to 150 °F
Rated Life 1 million cycles
Sensing Option PNP or NPN
Robot Mounting ISO 50mm BC, (4) M6 SHCS, (1) 6mm Dowel, 31.5mm Boss
Tool Mounting ISO 50mm BC, (4) M6 SHCS, (1) 6mm Dowel, 31.5mm Recess

*   Compliance limit for rated service life. Internal hard stops allow up to ± 8° but reduced spring life should be expected.
** Tune compliance stiffness by varying lock pressure between 0-30 psi. Forcing compliance above 30 psi may reduce service life.

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