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Click here for our most recent Compensator literature! (PDF Version) (0.9meg - 2pages)

Product Description
The Compensator Remote Center Compliance (RCC) device allows an assembly machine to compensate for positioning errors due to machine inaccuracy, vibration or tolerance, thereby lowering contact forces and avoiding part and tool damage.
Pic1: Remote Center Compliance, Automated Assembly, Overload Protection Device, Compensatorfor Part Misalignment or Part Positioning
Compensator diagram

When the remote compliance center is near the contact point, the part will align with the hole automatically; correcting lateral and rotational misalignment. The Compensator is a mechanical device that uses high-quality elastomer shear pads to control the compliance.

RCC:  Remote Compliance Center.  Any compliance structure has a center of compliance.   If you were to push at this center you would have a pure lateral motion (no rotation). If you were to rotate this center, you would have rotation with no lateral motion. A remote compliance center is a compliance center projected outward from the device. Remote compliance centers decouple lateral and angular motion. A RCC device can be used in assembly to ease the insertion force.  When a project compliance center is near the insertion point of a peg-in-hole type assembly, the peg translates into the hole when it strikes the outside lead-in chamfer without rotating. This translation without rotation prevents the jamming and galling seen from compliance devices that have a compliance center far away from the insertion point. See our Glossary for other robotic terms.


  • Reduce scrap, downtime, machine damage. 
  • Eliminates jamming, wedging, galling.  
  • Increases automatic assembly productivity (faster throughput). 
  • Lowers machine and part cost due to relaxed tolerances. 
  • Replaces centering sleeves, springs, two-stage RCCs. 
  • Makes impossible assemblies possible.
  • Low lateral stiffness reduces insertion force.
  • Three overload pins made of tool steel; twice the strength of carbon steel.
  • Variety of oil-and coolant-resistant high quality elastomer shear pads (neoprene and nitrile).
  • Single-stage design lowers cost.
  • Optional pneumatic Lock-up allows you to remove the compliance when not needed thereby decreasing your cycle time and increasing shear life.
Automotive: GM Powertrain, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Delco Remy
Electronics: IBM , Apple Computer, Digital Equipment Corp.
Appliance: Whirlpool, State Industries, General Electric
Integrators: Weldun International, Bodine, Cimflex Technologies
Others: TRW, Schlage Lock, Dow Corning, GTE

Click here for our most recent Compensator literature! (PDF Version) (0.9meg - 2pages)


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