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Compliant Deburring Blade  
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The Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB) is ATI's most versatile deburring tool. It features a durable interface that works with standard cutting media found in handheld or manual deburring tools. Because of this seamless integration with a variety of deburring blades and media, the CDB is ideal for material removal of plastic, brass, aluminum, steel, and more. It excels in chamfering, scraping, countersinking, and other light to medium material removal tasks. The pneumatically-controlled, articulated design features adjustable air pressure and allows users to tune the contact force to suit specific applications. The optional Automatic Tool Change capability makes the CDB a fully automated solution for replacing fatigued cutting media or changing between different media types. ATI’s CDB with Automatic Tool Change allows users to deburr multiple features of the same part, or possibly, multiple different parts with a single device.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed for edge deburring, chamfering, countersinking, and scraping:
    The pneumatically-actuated compliance mechanism enables dynamic control of contact force to accommodate specific applications.

  • Robust collet:
    Accepts standard off-the-shelf hand deburring blades and media that can be changed without additional tools.

  • Versatile:
    Can be utilized for various material removal tasks on plastic, aluminum, steel, brass, and more.

  • Quiet Operation:
    No motor noise helps to reduce ambient noise in the work environment.

  • Ideal for collaborative applications:
    A simple mechanical design, without high-speed moving parts, makes this tool an ideal solution for collaborative processes.

  • Radial and axial compliance:
    Easily switches between full radial and single-axis compliance.

  • Easy teaching:
    Floating radial and axial compliance allow fast and simple programming of the robot. The movement of the blade compensates for changes in part tolerances, part misalignment, and robot path variation.

  • Automatic Tool Change:
    Optional, pneumatically-controlled, automatic tool change system includes a durable collet and tool stands for hands-free exchange of cutting media.

Compliant Deburring Blade Tools
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ModelWeightRadial ComplianceAxial ComplianceRadial Compliance ForceAxial Compliance Force
CDB-8-112.4 lb±5.5º0.32 in5.7 lbf - 17 lbf3 lbf - 15 lbf
CDB-8-11-ATC2.4 lb±5.5º0.32 in5.7 lbf - 17 lbf3 lbf - 15 lbf

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