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Robotic Tool Changer Selection  
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Choosing the proper Tool Changer  

While payload is a good starting point, the moment capacity is the most critical factor in selecting the proper tool changer model for your application. In addition to payload, you will need to know the center-of-gravity of the heaviest end-effector that will be used and the distance from that center-of-gravity to the bottom of the tool plate to determine the static moment of the application. Knowing the static moment will allow for the most accurate selection of the proper tool changer. If acceleration of more than 1G is a factor, be aware that ATI tool changers are designed to handle dynamic moments three times higher than their static moment ratings.

ATI has a wide range of tool changer models capable of handling light payloads to extreme payloads of 2500 lbs. or more. Generally speaking, our model numbers increase as payload and moment capacity increase. Our tool changers are designed to utilize a wide variety of modules to pass air, water, power, and electrical signals to the end-effector. Once you have selected a tool changer model, determine if that model is designed to use the utility modules you need for your application. If you have any questions, please contact ATI Sales at 919-772-0115.

Click the link below for specifications, details, and drawings for each model.  

Robotic Tool Changer Models  

For applications that do not require a locking mechanism, ATI Utility Couplers may be an option.  Click here for more information.

If you are needing to change tools by hand, ATI Manual Tool Changers may be a cost-effective solution.  Click here from more information.

Both options can utilize a variety of ATI Tool Changer Utility Modules.


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