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ATI DAQ F/T Software Downloads  

ATI DAQ F/T Software Downloads

ATI provides 3 software interfaces to measure forces and torques with your sensor system, and also supports customers performing the F/T calculations manually.  If you are not sure which of these methods is right for you, please click the hyperlink below for a description of each method and which customers each method is best suited for.

Choosing a DAQ Interface

ATICombinedDAQFT Class Library and Windows Demo

The ATICombinedDAQFT .NET class library reads calibration files, controls your NI-DAQmx-compatible DAQ device, and calculates the force and torque values for your transducer.  This class library can be reused in any programming environment that supports .NET class libraries, such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, LabVIEW version 7 and greater, etc.  The programming API is documented in the help file included with the installation package.   

The demo program is an excellent place to test your new ATI sensor system and do basic data collection.  The demo includes support for both 'one-shot' and continuous data logging.  The main screen displays a live bar graph of the current force and torque readings from your sensor.  The demo also includes complete options to configure your F/T system, such as output units and tool transformations, which allow you to measure the forces and torques acting at a point other than the surface of the transducer.

This package installs the ATICombinedDAQFT class library, demo program, and the associated help files. NI-DAQmx 9.5.1 or greater from National Instruments is required.  The latest version of NI-DAQmx is available for free from www.ni.com, but registration is required.

ATIDAQFT.NET.MSI (Demo version 2.0.4567.16093, .NET class library version 1,0,4,2)


ATICombinedDAQFT Class Library and Windows Demo Source Code

The source code for the Windows demo and Class Library is provided free of charge.  The source code is a great starting point for writing your own application.  If you have a DAQ device which is not supported under NI-DAQmx, you can modify the class library to work with your particular DAQ device. NI-DAQmx from National Instruments is required. It is also recommended that you install the demo binaries from the above section before you try to compile the source code, so that all dependencies will be installed.

DAQSOURCE.ZIP (Demo version 2.0.3789.25849, .NET class library version 1,0,4,2)


LabVIEW Library

The LabVIEW Library will allow you to load a calibration, read F/T from a DAQ transducer, and apply a tool transformation to the output. The VI “atidaqftmx” is used to read from a single transducer, and the vi “Multiple Transducers” is used to work with multiple transducers, possibly on multiple DAQ devices. NI-DAQmx from National Instruments is required, including support for LabVIEW. If the demo does not run because it cannot find VIs relating to NI-DAQ, you may have to re-run the NI-DAQmx installation, choose a custom install, and make sure that support for LabVIEW is selected.


Click here for the LabVIEW 9 version of the library. ATIDAQFT-MX-LV9.LLB


ATIDAQ C Library

This code library uses standard C to read calibration files, configure the transducer system, and convert voltages from your data acquisition system into forces and torques. This library does not control your DAQ device, you must write the software routines to read the voltages. The C library is the recommended method for developing non-Windows-based applications.

ATIDAQ C Library.zip  (1.0.7)


DAQ Drivers for non-Windows Operating Systems

Linux drivers for a variety of DAQ cards can be found at  www.comedi.org.  National Instruments also provides a driver development kit which can be used on many platforms.  The National Instruments DDK can be found  hereFor M-series devices, National instruments provides their own Linux driver, available  here.


DAQ F/T Manual Calculations

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet demonstrates performing F/T conversion calculations manually for advanced applications. This sheet will allow you to load a calibration file, view force and torque calculations including temperature compensation, and input tool transformations.

DAQ FT Manual Calculations.zip (1.0.4)


Visual C++ NI-DAQmx Sample Application

This sample contains the source code for a Visual C++ 2015 project which uses NI-DAQmx to read voltages from your National Instruments DAQ device and uses the ATIDAQFT ActiveX component (installed with either the NI-DAQmx demo or the Traditional NI-DAQ demo) to calculate the F/T values.

NI-DAQmx-VC2015.zip  (version 1.1.0)

Traditional NI-DAQ Software Files

The following downloads use "Traditional NI-DAQ" from National Instruments to read the voltages from your data acquisition card. If you are using an M-series device, you cannot use these programs without modification. Several older E-series NI-DAQ devices are supported by both Traditional NI-DAQ and the newer NI-DAQmx drivers. If you are doing new development, and your DAQ device is supported by NI-DAQmx, it is recommended that you use the NI-DAQmx software available above.

ATIDAQFT ActiveX Automation Server and Windows Demo

The ATIDAQFT Windows ActiveX component reads calibration files, configures the transducer system, and converts raw voltages from any data acquisition system into forces and torques. ATIDAQFT can be used in development platforms that support ActiveX or Automation containment, including Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft .NET Platform, National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW, and many others. Its programming API is documented in the ATIDAQFT help files, which are included in the installation.

The ATI DAQ F/T Windows Demo is a good place to try out your transducer system in Windows. This executable program uses Traditional NI-DAQ and ATIDAQFT to give a real-time display of F/T data from supported NI boards. It provides complete options for configuration of the F/T system. Use of the demo requires "Traditional NI-DAQ" from National Instruments, although the ActiveX component itself is hardware-independent, and can be reused in your application even if you do not have a National Instruments DAQ device installed.

This package installs the ATIDAQFT ActiveX Automation Server, Windows Demo, and help files.

ATIDAQFT.msi  (Install Pack: 1.2.4; contains ATIDAQFT Component: 1.2.4, Windows Demo: 1.2.4)


Source for Windows Demo Application

This Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 project contains the source code for the ATI DAQ F/T Windows Demo.  It is necessary to install the demo, ActiveX component and "Traditional NI-DAQ" from National Instruments before you can use this source code.

ATIDAQFT Windows Demo VB6.zip  (1.2.4)


LabVIEW Library

This LabVIEW VI library uses the Analog Input VIs provided by NI-DAQ and the ATIDAQFT Automation Server. A sample LabVIEW application provides a real-time display of F/T data. The ATIDAQFT component (1.0.0 or later) and "Traditional NI-DAQ" from National Instruments are required to run the sample application, though the library can easily be modified for other brands of DAQ devices.  LabVIEW 7.0 or later is required.  

ATIDAQFT LabVIEW Library.zip  (1.2.0)


Visual C++ Sample Application

This sample contains the source code for a Visual C++ program which uses the ATIDAQFT component and "Traditional NI-DAQ" software to calculate forces and torques. You may have to change the path to the NI-DAQ header files and add the files nidaq32.lib and nidex32.lib to the project. ATIDAQFT and "Traditional NI-DAQ" from National Instruments are required.

ATIDAQFT Visual C Sample.zip  (1.1.0)


FT Conversion with ATIDAQFT

This Microsoft Excel 97 spreadsheet demonstrates performing F/T conversion calculations using the ATIDAQFT component and Visual Basic for Applications.

FT Conversion with ATIDAQFT.zip (1.0.0)

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