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RC Deburring Tools - Flexdeburr  
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ATI’s line of Radially-Compliant (RC) Deburring Tools, also known as Flexdeburr TM, are robust, high-speed and lightweight turbine-driven deburring units for deburring aluminum, plastic, steel, etc. with a robot or CNC machine. The RC Deburring Tool is especially suited for removal of parting lines and flash from parts. However, its flexible design allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications.

The RC Deburring Tool’s pneumatically controlled, articulated design allows the cutting bit to follow the part profile and compensate for surface irregularities while maintaining a constant, settable force. This allows high feed rates with uniform quality in any orientation. The tool also requires no oil, allowing clean exhaust air to be vented directly into the work environment.

Compliance is supported by air pressure applied to the shaft of the unit and is used to perform consistent deburring on irregular part patterns. The motor’s internal governor maintains high spindle speeds for optimum surface finish. The tools offer up to ± 9mm of compliance. The RC Deburring Tool also utilizes standard industrial tungsten-carbide bits which allows for adaptation to changing assembly lines and part requirements.


Features and Benefits  

  • Designed for removal of parting lines and flash:
    RC Deburring Tools are particularly adept at flash and parting line removal. Tools also perform edge deburring. The RC Deburring Tool’s flexible design allows the tool to perform a variety of deburring tasks.

  • Turbine motor:
    Air motor utilizes clean air (no oil). Exhaust air can be vented to atmosphere without reclamation.

  • Several operating speeds:
    Motors are available in 30,000, 40,000, and 65,000 RPM models. A variety of sizes allows you to match the proper RC deburring tool to your application.

  • Radial compliance:
    The radial motion of the RC spindle and cutter allow fast and simple programming of the robot.

  • Flexible mounting options:
    The RC Deburring Tool can be mounted to a robot, bench or fixture from the side or rear.

  • Industry standard tungsten-carbide bits:
    The collet system allows the user to select from a wide variety of standard industrial cutter profiles to fit their deburring needs.

  • Minimal chattering and vibration:
    The compliance unit supports the tool to provide stiffness for the cutter, yet allow motion in response to the part profile. Radial compliance allows the unit to perform where other deburring tools have failed.


Compliant Reciprocating Tools
Click on any of the table headers to sort by the data in that column.
ModelStrokeWeightCompliance Travel at ColletCompliance ForceIdleSpeed
CRT-12-50.2 in6.8 lb0.32 in3 lbf - 20 lbf12000 Strokes Per Minute (SPM)

Radially Compliant Deburring Tools
Click on any of the table headers to sort by the data in that column.
ModelPowerWeightCompliance Travel @ ColletCompliance Force *Idle Speed
RC-151150 W2.4 lb0.2 in0.7 lbf - 1.5 lbf65000 rpm
RS-151150 W2.4 lb0.2 in0.7 lbf - 1.5 lbf**65000 rpm
RC-300300 W2.5 lb0.3 in2.8 lbf - 9.5 lbf30000 rpm
RC-340340 W2.5 lb0.3 in2.8 lbf - 9.5 lbf40000 rpm
RC-340-CNC340 W4.2 lb0.3 in2.8 lbf - 9.5 lbf40000 rpm
RS-340340 W2.6 lb0.22 in2.2 lbf - 8.6 lbf**40000 rpm
RCV-390390 W9.75 lb0.28 in2 lbf - 16 lbf5600 rpm
RCV-490490 W7.4 lb0.32 in1.5 lbf - 12 lbf30000 rpm
RS-660-ER660 W5.5 lb0.26 in4.1 lbf - 17 lbf**40000 rpm
RC-900900 W7.6 lb0.35 in6.5 lbf - 20 lbf25000 rpm
RC-10401000 W7.6 lb0.35 in6.5 lbf - 20 lbf40000 rpm
*   Pneumatically Variable
** Compliant in one axis only.

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