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Plastic Deflashing with ATI Deburring Tools Increases Safety and Removes Waste
ATI and Compass Automation Point Manufacturer Toward More Efficient Practices
Apex, NC , janeiro 26, 2015
Compass Automation, based in Elgin, IL, is a custom manufacturer that specializes in designing, building, and maintaining complex automation systems that optimize manufacturing processes. Compass recently developed a Robotic Deflashing System utilizing ATI’s Radially-Compliant Deburring Tools to remove excess plastic from workpieces. The automated deflashing system was designed to identify and deflash molded fuse blocks at the Marathon Special Products plant, located in Bowling Green, OH. Using automation rather than manual deflashing to perform deflashing tasks improves productivity, consistency, and safety.

The system at Marathon consists of four manually-loaded, in-feed slides that introduce parts to the system. Fixtures on linear slides allow the operator to move the parts into a fixed location. The operator presses a touch button that calls an overhead vision camera system mounted on a linear actuator. The camera images the part, identifying the part for deflashing. After imaging, a linear actuator moves the part toward one of two FANUC LR Mate 200iC robots equipped with ATI RC-340 Robotic Deburring Tools. The robot then proceeds to deflash the part, alleviating the operator of the ergonomic and quality difficulties associated with deflashing by hand. When the robot has completed deflashing the part, the fixture slides back to the operator and unlocks. The completed parts are then manually unloaded. This process prevents the operator from injury and allows Marathon Special Products to keep up with productivity demands.

ATI Robotic Deburring Tools enabled Marathon Special Products to successfully deflash plastic fuse blocks even though they varied dimensionally from part to part. The compliance that is built into the Deburring Tool enables it to adjust accordingly to give the parts a consistent finish. This feature allows for uniform material removal and reduces production waste, saving time and money.

ATI Engineers have developed three types of compliant tools that make automated deburring and finishing cells a safe, consistent, and economical process. Radially-Compliant (RC) Deburring Tools: Also known as Flexdeburr, these deburring tools are robust turbine-driven units for deburring a variety of materials with a robot or CNC machine. Especially suited for the removal of parting lines or flash from parts. However, its flexible design allows them to be used in a variety of applications. Axially-Compliant (ACT) Finishing Tools: Also known as VersaFinish, these finishing tools are robust, low-speed, high-torque air tools with an axially-floating spindle suitable for a multitude of robotic and non-robotic material finishing operations on aluminum, plastic, steel, and more. Axially-Compliant (AC) Deburring Tools: Also known as Speedeburr, these deburring tools utilize a vane-type motor and floating rotary cutting file for edge-deburring and chamfering of parts using a robot.

More information on our Robotic Deburring Tools here.

To view a video on Compass Automation click here.

More information on Compass Automation here.


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