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Sensor Interface Plate (SIP) System  
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ATI Robotic Tool Changers provide Lock and Unlock sensing to detect when the locking mechanism is in the Locked and Unlocked positions and provides position signals to the process controller. Some Tool Changer models are equipped with integrated Lock and Unlock sensing built into the Tool Changer body, refer to Figure 1. Many Standard Series Tool Changer models can be equipped with Lock and Unlock sensing using a Sensor Interface Plate (SIP) system that attaches to the Master plate. The SIP also serves as the robot interface plate. The SIP consists of Lock and Unlock sensors, detection shaft, sensing plate, and interface plate. Figure 2 through 5 show how the Tool Changer and SIP system functions. A variety of sensor options are available including PNP, NPN, and more. Contact ATI Sales at +1 919-772-0115 for more information.
ATI Robotic Tool Changer with Integrated Lock and Unlock sensing
Figure 1:  ATI Robotic Tool Changer with integrated Lock and Unlock sensing built into the body. (Model QC-110 shown)
Reference the individual Tool Changer manual for more information on Integrated Lock and Unlock sensing.
ATI Robotic Tool Changer with Sensor Interface Plate (SIP)
Figure 2:  Side view of Master plate with Sensor Interface Plate (SIP) system. Figure 3:  Section view of Figure 2 showing position of SIP system when locked without Tool plate.
Figure 4:  Close-up of SIP in Lock position with the Tool plate. Lock sensor activated by the detection shaft. Unlock sensor is not activated. Figure 5:  Close-up of SIP in Unlock position. Unlock sensor activated by the detection shaft. Lock sensor is not activated.
See SIP section in the following manuals:
For Tool Changer Models: QC-5, 11, 20, and 21 see manual  9610-20-2254
For Tool Changer Models: QC-40, 41, 43, 60, 71, and 100 see manual  9610-20-2255

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