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ATI Develops Radiation-Tolerant Force/Torque Sensors
ATI Industrial Automation’s Force/Torque (F/T) Sensing Systems provide robotic and automated applications with a sense of touch, thus making them more responsive to their environment. A robot is only as effective as its programming; on its own it has no awareness or connection with the outside world. Similar to a human’s sense of touch, force sensing allows robots to be aware of what is happening around them and makes them even more useful. Force/Torque Sensors from ATI offer the highest accuracy, resolution, and stiffness available. With an ATI F/T Sensor, robots capture data from forces acting on a process through high-resolution force feedback data. This ability gives users insight into what happens during that process or operation. If desired, robots can make decisions about behaviors relative to these forces and take a more active role in the application.

Force-controlled applications like opening and closing containers, packing and palletizing, part inspection, and other demanding material-handling or verification tasks are possible with the help of Force/Torque Sensors from ATI. These jobs require spatial awareness and dynamic control which is historically why humans have performed them. There are however, application environments where it is hazardous for people to perform these jobs. In these instances, such as the case with nuclear decommissioning programs, it is crucial to utilize machines so that people can stay out of harm’s way.

A robot equipped with an ATI F/T Sensor detects every change in force and moment loads and can react to those changes in real time. In a hazardous environment, machines may be the only option for getting the job done. Force/Torque sensor technology aids in creating efficient processes but is also critical to maintaining safety. ATI’s Radiation-Tolerant Force/Torque Sensors are designed to withstand radiation up to 10 kGray (1M rad) and feature redesigned electronics and extreme-environment o-rings. They provide true differential ±5 V analog outputs and are proven to operate optimally at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F -158 °F). ATI offers a variety of sensor sizes and supplies radiation-tolerant cabling at custom lengths to suit each application environment.

Leveraging the inherent benefits of robots – tireless, repeatable processing, with force sensing capabilities from an F/T Sensor, users can navigate harsh environments, handle material, and perform complex tasks without being exposed to radiation or other dangerous materials. ATI’s Radiation-Tolerant F/T Sensors offer users renowned force-sensing technology in a robust package that is ready for the most extreme application environments.

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Photo courtesy of Sellafield Limited, KUKA Robotics, and SCHUNK.

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