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EtherNet/IP Modules: DKE  
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Product Advantages
  • The DKE Ethernet modules provide a means for the customer to communicate with and control the Tool Changer in an EtherNet/IP environment.
  • An integrated single- or double-solenoid valve (available on the Jxx valve adapter module) controls the Tool Changer locking mechanism.
  • The TSI connector on the Master provides a break in the valve unlatch circuit. In concert with a limit switch, this connector can be used by the customer to ensure Tool Changer uncoupling only when the Tool is in the Tool Stand. Factory-supplied with teach (jumper) plug.
  • A standard 4-pin Mini connector is provided on the Master and Tool modules for interfacing with Auxiliary power.
  • Two M12, D-Coded connectors are provided on the Master module for Ethernet communications interface to the Master and downstream nodes. A single M12, D-Coded connector is provided on the Tool module for Ethernet connection to the downstream node.
  • The DKE Master module supports the standard Tool Changer input signals (Locked, Unlocked, and Ready-to-Lock proximity sensors).
  • The DK4 Tool module employs a series of thumbwheel switches for setting of the Tool-ID input.

DKE Master and DK4 Tool Modules
DKE Master and DK4 Tool Modules

Part NumberSideNotesEDS File
9121-DKE-MMEtherNet/IP Module, supports DHCP functionality, with D-Coded M12 Ethernet Connector, TSI on Master, 4-Pin Mini Auxiliary Power Connector for Switched/Un-switched circuits, L/U/R1/R2 sensors, 5-Independent Switch Tool-ID and signal pass-through support for a single, downstream EtherNet/IP device - Master side9030-20-1019.eds
9121-DK4-TTSEM EtherNet/IP Module supporting Tool-ID through the Master module and pass-through communications and power for a single, scaleable downstream Ethernet device - Tool side

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Description: EtherNet/IP Module,DHCP Functionality,2 D-Coded M12 Ethernet Connectors,TSI on Master,4-Pin Mini Aux Power Connector for Switched/Un-switched circuits,L/U/R1&2 sensors,5-Independent Switch Tool-ID,Signal Pass-thru for Single Downstream EtherNet/IP Device
Weight: Master 2.0 lbs (0.91 kg)
Tool 1.3 lbs (0.59 kg)
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Rhodium-plated spring and contact pin
  • Nitrile seals
Elec. Rating: Control Signals - 24VDC
Pass-through Signals - 5 Amp/250V
Operational Temperature Range: -20 °F - 150 °F (-28,9 °C - 65,6 °C)

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