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ATI's Compliant Deburring Blade is now a UR+ Certified Solution
The CDB also includes an option for Automatic Blade Changing.
The Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB), patent pending, is ATI’s most versatile deburring tool. The durable interface accommodates a variety of readily available blades and media used with hand deburring tools. The pneumatically-controlled, articulated design gives users the ability to tune the contact force to accommodate specific applications by changing the air pressure. This deburring tool excels in light and medium deburring, chamfering, and scraping operations on materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, and brass.

The CDB’s axial and radial compliance is ideal for maintaining constant force where surface irregularities are present. Integrating the Compliant Deburring Blade in a robotic material removal application not only reduces robotic programming time, but also makes the programming process easier.

ATI's CDB is also available with an Automatic Blade Changing option which gives users the ability to deploy multiple blades in one cycle, or easily store backup blades. The auto-change feature also makes the changeover process hands-free and further increases process efficiency.

The pneumatically-actuated compliance mechanism enables dynamic control of contact force to accommodate a myriad of material removal applications and is a great replacement for processes that currently use hand deburring blades. ATI's Compliant Deburring Blade is well-adapted for collaborative robot applications and is now a certified UR+ solution.

The Certified UR+ CDB Kit (part number: 9150-UR-CDB-01) is compatible with any UR and URe series robots and includes Compliant Deburring Blade tool with axial and radial compliance, Shaviv E100 industrial deburring blade, e-style holder, interface plate, mounting hardware, assembly tools, and URCap software.

To view the Compliant Deburring Blade in the UR+ Online Showroom, click here.

For more information on ATI's Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB), click here.

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Click here to download the URCAP software and manual.



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