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ATI's QC-1210 Robotic Tool Changer Featured on Chicago's WGN-TV

World's Strongest Robotic Tool Changer

Apex, NC,  julho 27, 2009

ATI's QC-1210, the world's strongest Robotic Tool Changer, was recently featured on Chicago's WGN-TV. Filmed during the 2009 International Robots, Vision and Motion Control show, ATI's QC-1210 Heavy Automation Robotic Tool Changer is mounted to the wrist of a FANUC M-2000 robot, one of the world's largest and strongest six-axis robots. In the video, the Tool Changer and robot demonstrate their high payload capacity by loading and unloading a block weighing 1350 kg (2980 lb) into a machining center. The Tool Changer enables the robot to switch tools automatically while passing utilities from the robot arm through the wrist of the robot.

The QC-1210 Heavy Automation Robotic Tool Changer was developed for robots that can handle up to 1350 kg (2980 lb) loads and features three ATI patented Fail-Safe locking mechanisms to ensure high-moment capacity and strength. Compatible with existing Heavy Automation Tool Changer utility modules, the modular construction of the Tool Changer allows integration into applications requiring high-power, coolant, servo, DeviceNet™, Ethernet, and discrete signal capabilities by incorporating separate modules that can be mounted on any of the six available flats. This common module mounting pattern makes maintenance easy—increasing uniformity and flexibility. The QC-1210 uses a common Lock/Unlock air supply and a Lock/Unlock sensing method that allows end-users the option to receive one signal from the Tool Changer or one from the three individual locking mechanisms.

In operation, three Ready-to-Lock sensors detect when the Tool plate is within 1.5 mm (0.06 in) of the Master plate (signaling Ready-to-Lock) and ensuring that the Tool plate and Master plate are parallel. No-Touch Locking™ technology allows a small plate separation when locking. All locking parts are made of Rc58 stainless steel and are designed for superior reliability, repeatability, and strength. Integrated robot adapter plates are available for ISO 200 to ISO 315 patterns. 

View the video here.

More information on our QC-1210 Heavy Automation Tool Changer here.

More information on our Robotic Tool Changers here.


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