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ATI Wins KUKA Systems Supplier of the Year Award for the Second Year in a Row
Apex, NC , março 14, 2016
ATI Industrial Automation was again honored by KUKA Systems North America with their coveted supplier of the year award. The award was presented to ATI’s Catherine Morris, Director of Automotive Sales and Group Leader, at KUKA Systems’ annual Supplier Appreciation event. This year’s event was held at the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights. The award is determined by a calculation based on a combination of metrics including: on time delivery, quality, sales and engineering support, and response time. KUKA personnel from all areas were invited to provide additional feedback and comments. KUKA Systems’, Denise Winsten, Commodity Mechanical/Commercial Lead Buyer, said that “KUKA can always count on ATI to exceed expectations and to go above and beyond what is required while providing upfront engineering and technical support to define what products are needed.”

ATI’s Catherine Morris said, “Our team goes the extra mile to support KUKA, by working closely with them to manage orders for large programs with forecasts to reduce lead times and by reviewing program requirements frequently, to make sure they stay on track.” “Also our local team of MI application engineers is always available at short notice to provide hands-on support and assistance when needed.”

ATI Industrial Automation has again risen to the top by continuing to focus on their customer’s current needs and future challenges.

More information on KUKA Systems here.

ATI’s Catherine Morris and Bethany Colbry accept KUKA Systems’ Supplier of the Year Award at the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, MI

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