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ATI Expands Manufacturing Operations Again

Wins Second PM100 Manufacturing Award

Apex, NC,  abril 11, 2011

ATI Industrial Automation has announced plans to increase the size of its operations facility at its corporate headquarters in Apex, NC, more than doubling manufacturing and inventory capacity. High demand for ATI's robotic end-effector products and Force/Torque Sensors continues to fuel the company's growth. The new facility is planned for completion in late 2011. “Global pressure for ever-higher manufacturing productivity continues to drive demand for our products. This facility expansion will carry us well into the future, enabling us to continue to reduce lead times while providing a superior level of quality.” said Keith Morris, CEO, ATI Industrial Automation. ATI completed construction of a second building at their corporate and manufacturing facility in 2007.

ATI has been awarded the 2011 Progressive Manufacturing PM100 Award in the Data & Integration Mastery category for its continued process improvements and information systems enhancements.  ATI was recognized among hundreds of nominations for exceeding on-time delivery goals and reducing inventory levels, while achieving a paperless shop floor.  ATI was also awarded the PM100 award in 2009 for the successful implementation of its ERP system and integrated intranet platform.  

A key achievement that contributed to winning the 2011 award was ATI's serial number tracking project.  This project, combining new processes with intranet tools and ERP customizations, enables ATI to track thousands of serial numbered products and components from the time they are built to when they are shipped.  These improvements have enhanced quality and improved customer service by enabling employees to quickly see the entire history of a unit and its components simply by scanning its serial number. It has also helped to improve ATI's inventory accuracy by reducing data entry errors.  

The global Progressive Manufacturing Awards Program, now in its seventh year, recognizes best-in-class manufacturers from the US and abroad.  David R. Brousell, Editor-in-Chief of Managing Automation Media said, “The projects that enabled these companies to become PM100 winners reflect great creativity and inventiveness, a determined willingness to take risk, and an enduring resilience to continually improve every aspect of their business. These companies are leading the way to a better future for all industry.”

ATI will be presented the award at the Progressive Manufacturing Awards Gala to be held on the last day of the Progressive Manufacturing Summit 2011, May 11, in Palm Beach, Florida. More than 200 manufacturing technology executives are expected to attend.

More information on the Progressive Manufacturing Awards Program can be found here.

More information on Managing Automation can be found here.

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