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Discrete Modules: VB22  
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Product Advantages
  • The Discrete Signal Integrated Valve module allows for communication and control of the Tool Changer.
  • 37-pin DKK connector provided for customer interface.
  • An integrated double-solenoid valve (available on the Jxx valve adapter module) controls the Tool Changer locking mechanism (DC Voltage, sourcing-type).
  • A flexible boot surrounds the pin block and seals the connection from moisture while coupled.
  • Patented Tool Stand Interlock (TSI) technology is provided through a connector on the Tool module. Integration of a mechanical limit switch will allow the integrated solenoid valve to uncouple the Tool Changer ONLY when the Tool is in the Stand.
  • 4-pin M12 female connector pn Tool passes TSI signals.
  • Tool-ID (0-7) (Sourcing Tool-ID).
  • Lock, Unlock, and Ready-to-Lock (R1 and R2) sensor inputs provided.
  • PNP sensors and integrated valve.
  • Compact design package.

VB22 Modules (Master and Tool)
VB22 Modules (Master and Tool)

Part NumberSideNotesEDS File
9121-VB22-MMDiscrete Module, Supports L/U/R1/R2 PNP Sensors and Integrated Valve, 37-Pin DDK Connector, TSI on Tool with No RTL Bypass - Master side
9121-VB22-TTDiscrete Module, 37-Pin DDK Connector, Tool Stand Interlock, 0-7 Tool-ID (Sourcing Tool-ID) - Tool side

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Description: Discrete Module, Supports L/U/R1/R2 PNP Sensors and Integrated Valve, 37-Pin DDK Connector, TSI on Tool with No RTL Bypass, Tool Stand Interlock, 0-7 Tool-ID (Sourcing Tool-ID)
Weight: Master 1.87 lbs (0.85 kg
Tool 1.61 lbs (0.83 kg)
  • Aluminum housing and cover
  • Clear polycarbonate window
  • Rhodium-plated contacts
  • Nitrile seals
  • Nylon pin block.
# Pins: 37
Elec. Rating: Unswitched Power: 220 mA @24 VDC
Switched Power: 250 mA @24 VDC
Pass-through to Tool: 5 Amp/250V max.
Operational Temperature Range: -20 °F - 150 °F (-28.9 °C - 65.6 °C)

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