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Robotic Force Control Solutions Made Easier
Apex, NC , May 4, 2016
ATI Industrial Automation’s Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors and ArtiMinds RPS robot programming software make robotic force control easy to program and dramatically improves return on investment. A leading electronics manufacturer has recently introduced this technology to automate the insertion of memory modules on printed circuit boards. The ArtiMinds RPS software with a flexible robot gripper, equipped with an ATI Force/Torque Sensor, can be used for contact-based and very precise assembly. In combination with low-cost collaborative robots, novel applications with small lot-sizes and frequent process changes become economical. High-volume installations with process deviations, such as the insertion of a memory module into a socket on a printed circuit board, can be commissioned and maintained, while providing flexibility, yet still remain cost-effective.

The main challenge facing the automation of this application and many like it, is the need for a high level of sensitivity and accuracy. Therefore, in the past they were only handled manually. The robot system has to determine the optimal position for each part during the assembly process. The ArtiMinds RPS is designed for intuitive and fast programming via teach-in, and generates a highly robust robot program

The key to success is the data provided by the ATI Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensor which enables the robot to compensate for process and part variances in real-time and adapt its motions like a human. “ATI Force/Torque Sensors are the tool we needed to perform a robust and accurate online force-control for executing a task, while adhering to all relevant process constraints” said ArtiMinds CTO Rainer Jäkel, “The high-sensor accuracy allowed us to realize a solution with a cycle time of less than five seconds per memory module”. Examples of other tasks that have been solved range from handling and plugging of flexible cables and connectors to finishing tasks like polishing or grinding.

More information on ATI Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors here.

More information on ArtiMinds RPS here.

ATI Gamma Force/Torque Sensor on Universal Robot

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