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A Solution to Challenging Assembly Tasks
Possible with ATI F/T Sensors and Universal Robots
Apex, NC , June 8, 2016
Manufacturers are always looking to increase productivity and reduce costs. Automating assembly tasks that are performed manually can offer great potential for increasing efficiency, but pose several challenges. Traditionally, robots are controlled by programming them to follow a desired trajectory. Even the smallest variation in the part’s geometry can yield unsatisfactory results and cause part and tooling damage. Some complex assembly tasks, such as inserting camshafts into engine blocks, require the assembler to “feel” their way to the correct assembly position. Robots alone cannot accurately measure and compensate for the contact forces experienced during these assembly tasks.

ATI Industrial Automation’s Six-Axis Force/Torque (F/T) Sensors and Universal Robots can now accomplish a variety of difficult assembly tasks using Force Control. ATI F/T Sensors offer a high level of sensitivity, sending extremely accurate information about the force or torque being applied against it to the robot, allowing it to react appropriately. This Force Control feedback enables the robot to “feel” the part, minimizing the risk of damage. Precision assembly tasks that are performed manually or proved too difficult to automate can now be performed using Force Control to greatly increase production quality and throughput, while creating a safer work environment by eliminating the ergonomic issues associated with difficult manual assembly tasks. Gear assembly, camshaft or piston insertion, electronic assembly, life cycle testing, weight verification, and haptics are just some of the applications that can be accomplished using Universal Robots equipped with ATI Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors.

A demonstration application was recently developed utilizing ATI's Net F/T System and a UR5 Universal Robot communicating via Modbus over Ethernet. The robot programming was done in its own Polyscope and Script languages. It used ATI’s Netbox and Gamma series Six-Axis Force/Torque sensor to relay data at the robot end-of-arm.

More information on ATI Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors here.

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View a manual on how to operate an ATI F/T Sensor with a Universal Robot here.

ATI Gamma Sensor mounted on a UR5 Robot for Electronic Assembly. Image courtesy of ArtiMinds.

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