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Company Headquarters: General Inquiries: ATI Michigan Sales Office:
ATI Industrial Automation
Pinnacle Park
1031 Goodworth Drive
Apex, NC 27539-3869 USA
Main Phone: +1 919-772-0115
Fax: +1 919-772-8259
Email: info@ati-ia.com
4577 South Lapeer Road, Suite I
Orion Township, MI 48359 USA
+1 248-276-0502 phone (24/7 Service & Tech Support)
+1 248-276-0878 fax
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Account Managers

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Technical and Application Support:

All products except Force/Torque Sensors:
Ethan Pemberton, ethan.pemberton@ati-ia.com, +1 248-276-0502

Force/Torque Sensor Products:
Greg Parnell, gparnell@ati-ia.com, +1 919-772-0115 ext. 129

Customer Service:

All products except Force/Torque Sensors:
Sales Administration, SalesAdmin@ati-ia.com, +1 919-772-0115 ext. 1

Affiliate Companies:

Europe Schunk GmbH & Co. KG  

Integrator - Partners:

Acieta  - Robotics system integration

Acme Manufacturing Co.  - Systems integrator, material removal and finishing systems

ARC Specialties  - Systems integrator, metal welding and cutting, material handling, pick and place applications

Automated Cells and Equipment  - Systems integrator, various robotic applications

AV&R Vision & Robotics Inc.  - Systems integrator, vision and material removal systems

Bohl Crane, Inc.  - Custom overhead lifting solutions, below-the-hook lifting devices, ergonomics & safety

Encobotics, Inc.  - Robotics system integration

Factory Automation Systems  - Systems integrator, material handling, automotive, industrial apps

Innovative Automation Inc.  - Systems integrator, various robotic applications

Kaufman Engineered Systems  - Systems integrator, packaging and end-of-the-line systems

Let's Go Robotics  - Systems integrator, laboratory automation, custom engineering services

Midwest Engineering Systems  - Systems integrator, various robotic applications and custom machines

PRE-TEC  - Robotic, flexible automated solutions

PRI Robotics  - Systems integrator, arc welding, material removal, material handling and assembly

RobotWorx  - Industrial robot sales, integrator of new and used robotic systems

Roylan Industries, Inc.  - Systems integrator, various robotic applications

SAS Automation  - Systems integrator, robotic gripper systems, end-of-arm tooling and automation cells

Tennessee Rand Inc.  - Systems integrator, welding applications

Thierica Equipment Co.  - Robotics system integrator, paint finishing, product decorating and laser etching

Wolf Robotics  - Robotics system integrator, welding solutions, tooling, fixturing, and material handling




ATI Industrial Automation
1031 Goodworth Dr. | Apex, NC 27539 USA
Phone:+1 919-772-0115 | Fax:+1 919-772-8259
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