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ATI Sensors Utilized in Computer-Assisted Hair Restoration

Apex, NC,  September 26, 2011

Restoration Robotics is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of hair transplantation. They developed the ARTAS™ System, the first and only FDA cleared, physician-controlled, interactive, computer-assisted technology that allows safe and effective follicular unit extraction. The ARTAS System was developed in close collaboration with leading hair restoration physicians to enable minimally-invasive harvesting of follicular units. This computer-assisted medical device uses an image-guided robotic arm to identify and harvest individual follicular units. Mounted on the robot arm, between the robot flange plate and the follicular unit harvester, or end-effector, the ATI Mini40 Model Sensor, provides feedback used to closely monitor forces exerted by the end-effector. Robert Roy, senior director of product development at Restoration Robotics, states, "We chose ATI's Mini40 Model Sensor because of its ability to measure applied loads in six degrees of freedom with a high resolution, in a uniquely small size." 

ATI offers a wide range of sensor models with diameters of 17 mm to 300 mm and includes environmental protection (IP) on most models. Key features include: High speed output, span temperature compensation, and high signal-to-noise ratio. Some typical applications for the Mini40 include haptics, robotic hand research, robotic surgery, finger-force research, and product testing. With over 20 years of robotic end-effector innovation, ATI’s engineering department, the largest of its kind for a robotic tooling company, is focused on developing cost-effective, state-of-the-art products and solutions. 

More information on our Force/Torque Sensors here.

More information on Restoration Robotics go to www.restorationrobotics.com.

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