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ATI introduces improved series of Rotary Joints

New catalog now available

Apex, NC,  November 12, 2007

RotaryJoint3.jpgATI Industrial Automation has just introduced an improved series of robotic Rotary Joints.  Recent improvements include a reduced overall stack-height for maximizing robot capacity and a screw-on cable connector for quick and easy cable replacement. Two sets of ball bearings provide reduced start torque, constant torque and wear on the seals. For IP65 applications, a purge air port is provided for internal positive air pressure that prevents outside contaminants from entering the unit

The Rotary Joint device allows electrical and pneumatic lines from the robot to feed through to the tool, keeping air and electrical lines on the robot from twisting. The Rotary Joint has two components: fixed and rotating. The rotating component consists of the robot adaptor, tool adaptor, and a central connecting core. The fixed component is a central ring which is held stationary by a torque rod attached to a fixed part of the robot arm. A large range of Rotary Joint  sizes are available for a variety of robots and applications.

More information on ATI's Rotary Joint can be found here.

You can view ATI's new Rotary Joint catalog here.



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